4 Steps to a Successful Software Deployment for Field Service Experts

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The software deployment process is unique in the field service industry. Rapidly developing work schedules and hands-on employees require the leader to plan around both personalities and technical needs. 

Want to learn how to guide your organization through software deployment? With experience with more than 10,000 users, customer relationship management (CRM) software developer Dataforma has four key steps to change-making success. 

1. Create Buy-in

Many employees in the field service industry have likely completed their jobs using paperwork for decades. This reality can cause resistance to new technology.  

It is the job of the employer to channel the energy of enthusiastic and skeptical employees. Employees can waste their efforts on resisting change, or the manager can harness their energy to embrace it. One method is to offer cash incentives for meeting new technology quotas.

Another approach is to identify the team members who are early adopters, or the people who enjoy technology and desire to learn new skills. These are your cheerleaders and coaches to help create a positive atmosphere for other employees.  

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2. Assemble a Team

The next step is to assemble a project team for implementing the new software. This team should include stakeholders from across your organization so you can receive feedback from every level. The level of involvement can also support buy-in since employees and managers had the opportunity to weigh in at critical moments. 

The team members should handle several duties. First, they must set a budget by estimating the cost to deploy the field service management software. This figure covers the cost of initial installation, training and maintaining the software. It is also necessary for the team to create a realistic timetable for when all employees in the organization will transition over to the new software permanently. 

3. Provide Team Training and Onboarding

It is critical to provide effective software training and onboarding for your team. The rollout should be structured like a pyramid, with any IT specialists and managers at the company forming the base of who receives the most training. 

Next, the early adopters for the technology should receive the second layer of training. Managers can call on these savvy employees to help others with one-on-one mentorship and minor issues. Finally, the less technologically inclined employees can receive basic training in the software since their jobs likely require more field duties than data entry. 

Dataforma will walk alongside your organization with our fully staffed client software support and training team. We are available to help you throughout the field service software onboarding process via email and phone. Dataforma also offers an advanced user training program called “Tune-Up and Turbo Charge” for power users like managers and IT specialists.

4. Review the Outcomes

Now, it is time to review the successes and failures of the process. This step is a key feedback loop for the change-makers and employees. 

The change-makers can learn where they need to tweak their processes now that the software is in action. The employees can also receive feedback from the managers on productivity increases to encourage them to continue adapting or discourage bad habits. 

Request a Dataforma Demo and Begin Your Software Deployment

Dataforma’s customer support and technical team will walk with you from start to finish in your software deployment process. Reach out today for a free demo of our CRM software so you can revolutionize your field service business.


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