Frequently Asked Questions

Your go-to resource for comprehensive answers to questions about Dataforma. Learn more about our cutting-edge field project management software tailored for commercial contractors. Our answers to Frequently Asked Questions are designed to provide clear, and concise information… without all of the fluff.

While other contractor software requires additional third-party apps to create a complete solution, our field service software platform allows you to streamline every aspect of your day-to-day operations using a single system. From tracking leads and proposals to organizing and simplifying work order management, maintaining service and warranty history, invoicing, dispatching, internal reporting, and so much more.

Dataforma streamlines project management through features like Project Contract Management, Document Management, and Proposals & Reports, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient project tracking.

Yes, with the GPS Tracker and Mobile Time Card features, you can monitor the real-time locations of your field staff, enhancing visibility and coordination.

Utilize Correspondence Management for tracking important conversations and the Client Portal to provide customers 24/7 access to project information, enhancing communication and customer satisfaction.

No downloads are required. Dataforma is entirely web-based and works across all devices, from smartphones and tablets running the mobile app to any laptop/desktop device with an internet browser.

Project management is a key component of Dataforma. The dedicated Projects module is a centralized location for proposals, contracts, change orders, and scheduling tools. Project calendars, individual calendars, Gantt charts and email integration all streamline communication workflows within Dataforma.

Absolutely, the Customizable Dashboard feature allows users to tailor their dashboard to display specific information important to them, promoting a personalized and efficient experience.

Yes, the Proposals & Reports feature enables easy creation of customized proposals and standardized reports, directly tied to work orders or projects.

With Invoicing, Purchase Orders & Payables, project managers can manage payments and payables without the need to log into separate accounting systems, ensuring seamless financial management.

The Mobile App allows field staff to upload photos, work descriptions, and reports instantly, enhancing communication, accessibility, and collaboration from the field.

Yes, Dataforma supports integrations with various software tools like QuickBooks Online, Gmail, Outlook, FollowUP CRM, and Stripe, providing a versatile and connected experience.

Yes. Dataforma has been recognized by Software Advice for its years of Best in Customer Support. Visit client support for email and phone contact info to get the help you need.

All types of documents, including PDFs and photos, are stored in a unified location and available for any user to view or share. Sharing is a key part of many Dataforma modules, including Contacts, Buildings, Companies, Projects, Work Orders, and Invoices. Images and text updates can also be uploaded from the field and shared internally or with customers through the Client Portal.

Dataforma's Lead Tracking feature allows for the efficient management of leads and bids, providing a centralized solution for tracking and managing opportunities.

Yes, the Client Portal allows customers to access project information, invoices, work orders, etc., 24/7, promoting transparency and customer satisfaction.

Yes, the Manage Individual Calendars feature enables users to create and organize personal calendars for individual events or appointments.

Absolutely, the Quick Searching & Sorting feature enables advanced searches, allowing users to find any work order, project, contact, company, or building with minimal input.

Yes, the Scheduling & Calendars feature allows users to schedule appointments and teams well into the future, enhancing organization and planning.

Dataforma allows users to generate warranties upon project completion, and the information is accessible to other users through both the mobile and web applications via the Projects, Work Orders, and Warranties modules.

With better scheduling, reporting, invoicing, and work order management capabilities, our state of the art roofing software can help your business run better, faster, smarter. And with increased productivity, improved organization, and team collaboration, you can expect to see higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Since we offer so much more than a CRM tool, many critical business functions can happen seamlessly and accurately, with more convenience. Spend less time on administrative tasks and money using multiple platforms, and instead invest more time and energy into keeping your existing customers happy and also taking on new clients and projects too.

Absolutely! Everything you enter into our work order management software is yours. If you ever leave us (but why would you?), we return all of your data in a format you can upload into another system. We encrypt your data and use Amazon Web Servers. In our nearly 20 years in business, we’ve never had any breach or corruption of data. Ever.

Yes, and not only that, we can help you decide what data is worth importing. We want you to keep as much history as possible, but we don’t want to start things off on the wrong foot by bringing in redundant data, data with missing records, etc. Our onboarding staff will help you get the most out of your company’s data stack.

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