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Improve Your Financial Position With Contractor Billing Software

Staying on top of invoicing and collections is an integral aspect of running an efficient contracting business. Dataforma contractor billing software provides a comprehensive solution for ensuring invoices are generated accurately and on time and delivered to the appropriate parties.

The cloud-based platform stores your financial documents in one secure location to help you more closely monitor invoice status. This allows you to get paid quicker, control overdue accounts and improve organization-wide communication.

The Features of Dataforma’s Invoicing Software

Dataforma capabilities include billing and invoicing software, allowing contractors to:

  • Generate faster and more accurate invoices directly from work orders or projects to expedite the process
  • Control access to financial information so you can share A/R data within your organization without granting full access to your accounting system
  • Easily create reports on project cash flows and buying patterns with invoice reporting features for customers, buildings and aging
  • Generate detailed financial reports to expedite the invoicing process
  • Manage overdue invoices and track collection efforts for multiple customers at a time
  • Restrict access to client credit in the case of outstanding debt and enter credit limits to automate the process
  • Upgrade your invoice templates with pictures added directly from the associated work order

Dataforma has always allowed commercial and residential contractors to invoice work orders on the same day as service.

Now you can benefit from integration with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail to make the billing process even easier. Generate the invoice from Dataforma through your email and save valuable time by reducing the number of clicks needed to create correspondence and attach documents.

How Dataforma Invoicing Helps Commercial and Residential Contractors

Any business in the field service management industry is familiar with the long, involved process of invoicing. Dataforma billing software makes managing your financial state faster and simpler. While most billing software is catered toward freelancers and small operators,

Dataforma invoicing is dedicated to improving the financial position of commercial and residential contractors of any size.

Dataforma invoicing software helps automate various complex steps of the billing system. Here are some benefits of Dataforma invoicing:

  • Track all sent, paid and outstanding invoices: Automatic billing lets you establish a more efficient payment and collections process by sending bills to multiple customers at once. Dataforma software allows you to track when customers were billed and when you received payment. You can even use automatic reminders to speed up the billing process and stay on top of overdue accounts. The quicker you deliver an invoice, the sooner you get paid.
  • Provide enhanced record-keeping security: Invoicing software helps contractors perform transactions and manage payments safely and efficiently. Documentation is vital for all long-term maintenance projects to ensure your accounts receivable and payable are accurate. Essential information is stored in the cloud to prevent data loss or leakage. Your company’s data and your customer’s personal information are kept safe during the payment process.
  • Improve customer confidence: Automated billing significantly reduces the risk of error that comes with creating your invoices manually. Efficient invoicing software will save your business time and money and boost your credibility among potential customers. Dataforma capabilities for improved data security and automated payment processes will help you conclude more projects successfully.
  • Enable remote accessibility: Work progresses much smoother when everyone has immediate access to the most current information. Dataforma is a cloud-based system, allowing your customers to access their invoices from anywhere with an internet connection. Version control ensures your customers and other contributors can all work with the same documents simultaneously, which can help prevent errors during the payment process.

Get a “Sneak Peek” of Dataforma

Whether you’re a growing business or a large contractor overseeing multiple commercial projects across the nation, our scalable billing software makes it easy to manage all your accounts.

Request a product demonstration for an up-close look at how Dataforma capabilities can help your business deliver invoices faster and manage finances to optimal efficiency. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to generate invoices and maximize profitability with our software. Contact us today!
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