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Keep Your Company Organized With Calendar Management Software

Juggling a hectic schedule of meetings, appointments, events and responsibilities can be a major challenge for busy contracting businesses of all sizes. With Dataforma web-based business management and document storage software, maintaining both individual and company-wide calendars has never been easier.

You get a unified, cloud-accessible calendar management system that streamlines the task of creating and overseeing schedules. Dataforma software also grants access to authorized users from anywhere at any time via our mobile app for iOS and Android operating systems.
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Our advanced calendar management system for contractors improves company-wide organization and minimizes administrative tasks by providing the ability to:

  • Log in from wherever you can access the internet to view meetings, personal events, and schedule human resources activities in an organized digital environment
  • Generate specific calendar views by filtering items by user, event type and range of dates
  • Schedule meetings more efficiently by viewing which office staff is available in advance
  • Provide timesaving, back-end administrative human resource support by logging and monitoring personal days and availability for individual employees

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How Does Dataforma Stand Out?

Dataforma’s calendar management software outperforms the competition. Its capabilities rise to meet and overcome the common challenges many commercial field service companies experience, letting you easily and efficiently communicate with employees in the field with live and up-to-date appointments.

You can access our solution anywhere you can connect to the internet, allowing you to gain better control over your tasks from nearly any location. Instead of wasting time with your calendar scheduling, you can focus on performing your job to the best of your abilities.

When it comes to field service jobs, it can be challenging to stay on top of your internal functions while managing your long-term maintenance projects. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with scheduling and tracking your contractors, communicating among staff and overseeing appointments.

Dataforma takes the heavy lifting out of your scheduling tasks. Our calendar management software makes it easy to:

  • Schedule your appointments
  • Transfer information about needed repairs and materials from your contractors back to your company
  • Get back to your clients quickly

With our calendar management software, you can improve your overall processes and focus on providing enhanced customer service and exceeding expectations.

Calendar Management Software Features

Our calendar management software has features to help you simplify your scheduling and communication processes and boost productivity on the job. Our scheduler functionality lets you perform multiple essential functions within one simple tool rather than using different calendars to keep track of your employees’ schedules and appointments. Whether you need to set up an appointment, create special events for an employee or schedule a service crew for a client, it’s easy to access what you need:

  • Any user can utilize our calendar filters to view a single type of entry at a time, such as events, projects, work orders or even the type of work
  • A color-coded map in the scheduler and calendar tool helps you save time looking for specific appointments or creating work dates
  • The software notifies users of scheduling conflicts by highlighting any overlapping events, helping you avoid missed or overlapping appointments
  • Users can search for an employee or staff member’s name or use defaults to choose what they want to see on the calendar view

Our ultimate goal is to help you make the best use of your time and energy by simplifying scheduling, searching through employee calendars and managing other functions.

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You’ll never miss an important appointment, schedule an unsuccessful meeting, or lose track of where you’re employees are with Dataforma. To learn more about maintaining your company and personal schedule within a secure, cloud-delivered calendar management systemrequest a product demonstration with a knowledgeable representative today!
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