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Streamline Your Purchase Orders System

Creating purchase orders (POs) for projects, tracking pending change orders and analyzing spending can be time-consuming, increasingly complex tasks for a thriving contracting business, especially one that still relies on antiquated methods like paper forms and Excel spreadsheets.

Dataforma is a cloud-delivered software and business management service that automates many of the tedious tasks associated with ordering materials for specific projects, projecting costs and ensuring timely payments. Dataforma’s purchase orders software functions as part of an integrated system that’s designed to save you time, increase accuracy and reveal strategies for managing assets more efficiently.

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How Automation Optimizes Your Procurement Process

A slow purchase order process is a liability for your business. Old-fashioned methods like manual processing and data entry make the process unnecessarily complicated and increase the risk of human error or lost documents.

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Implementing commercial field service management software is an excellent way to streamline your organization’s procurement processes. Here’s why:

  • Save time: Traditional PO processing methods require you to create multiple documents for each order. An integrated digital solution lets you access all your data from one location, significantly cutting down on the time you’d typically spend sorting through records.
  • Increase accuracy: Manually entering purchase order data in spreadsheets can lead to errors and discrepancies between documents. By automating your procurement process, you can ensure accurate records and save money in the long run.
  • Improve efficiency: By reducing the amount of time your team spends processing purchase orders and payables, your organization can focus on more immediate tasks.
  • Enhance order visibility: It can be difficult to track purchase orders using conventional methods accurately. PO software programs provide increased end-to-end visibility into your active orders so you can prevent issues like overpaying or paying for certain orders twice.
  • Reduce costs: Since manual procurement methods involve creating, organizing and storing multiple documents per order, the cost to process just one purchase order can result in unnecessarily high costs. A streamlined digital solution requires less energy and storage space, which can save your organization hundreds of dollars.
  • Boost data security: Storing your procurement data in unencrypted documents and low-security drives can leave it open to theft, which can result in significant losses for your organization. Digital solutions like Dataforma safely store and encrypt your data so you can have peace of mind knowing your organization is safe from potential threats.
  • Improve vendor-buyer relationships: Slow purchase orders can make maintaining good relationships with your suppliers challenging, as they’re more likely to see your organization as a risk. By speeding up the time it takes to process and submit your POs, you can ensure close working relationships with essential vendors and keep your projects on track.

Dataforma’s Purchase Orders Solution

Dataforma’s commercial purchase orders and payable software is your answer for slow, inefficient procurement. The software’s most important benefits include:

  • Cloud-based: You can access your purchase order and payables data anywhere, on any internet-connected device. We also encrypt all your data using Amazon Web Servers, which means your information is always secure.
  • Fast order creation: Quickly generate new purchase orders for projects in a matter of moments. Use the product catalog to populate item descriptions and pricing information with a single click
  • Easy documentation: Automatically create payable documents that assist in tracking material costs by project. Compare initial estimates against final costs to improve budgeting and revenue projections
  • Track order history: Store purchase orders for specific products and run reports to identify pricing fluctuations that can impact your bottom line
  • One-stop shop: Find all open purchase orders with one click, allowing your staff to maximize project contracts

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Experience a Faster and Easier Purchase Orders System

Dataforma delivers a highly functional purchase orders solution integrated with an all-in-one business management and document storage database. Our software is simple to use, completely scalable to your needs and hosted in a secure digital environment.

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