4 Ways Field Service Management Software Can Improve Your ROI

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Is field service management software worth the investment? This technology offers your team of contractors and back-office staff a host of capabilities that increase efficiency and return on investment. Consider these four benefits of field service management software on your company’s ROI.

1. Improve Customer Service

Retaining happy, paying clients starts with how your team organizes information and stays on top of their requests. A field service management platform that integrates with a CRM program can store a client’s service history for their time working with your company. Better yet, field workers can review this information before they arrive at the site and come prepared to do an efficient job.

2. Increase Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Optimized scheduling and staffing are two key improvements to your ROI percentage when using field service management software. With integrated maps, there’s less likelihood that field workers travel to the wrong site. In addition, real-time GPS tracking and work hour documentation help you know that workers are on-location and on-task.

A field service management platform with mobile tools is also a help to the portion of your workforce that’s constantly on the move. Inventory management tools in FSM software help ensure that parts are accurately tracked so there’s no frustration with a miscalculation or erroneous reporting.

After all, you can’t discount the importance of employee happiness in your company. Recent research suggests that happy workers are more productive. Keeping your contractors and employees engaged keeps them satisfied in their work, and that’s less burden on your hiring department to replace discontented team members who sought other employment.

3. Faster, More Accurate Invoicing

For technicians, field service management software enables robust note-taking and convenient invoice generation. It also promotes transparency, as workers can track their hours, used inventory and services while on the project’s grounds. Perhaps the biggest positive of digital invoicing through field service management software is getting contractors paid faster and reducing the length of your billing cycle.

Gathering good documentation for clients helps them make quicker, more informed purchasing decisions. This capability can encourage more partners to sign invoices on the day of the visit, and the software can provide an instant emailed copy for their records. You can also track collection efforts and identify overdue payments.

4. Reduced Overhead Costs

Plenty of effort and expenses go into the daily operation of a business. So why get bogged down by chasing service tickets, project notes and other paperwork? Or worse yet, why go without transparency into the indirect spending your business makes?

Field service management software’s dashboard can simplify monitoring your entire cash flow. You’ll have insights into your labor costs as well as other metrics like travel. By optimizing these overhead costs, your business saves.

Improve ROI With Dataforma Field Management Software

A field service management solution pays for itself when you choose a provider with the tracking and automation tools your company needs. Take a look at Dataforma’s key features or request a free 15-minute demo from our team today. 


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