How to Record Historical Project Information

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Record Historical Residential Project Information

You may want to consider entering historical data from completed Residential projects before using the Dataforma database.  Take the important information you have stored in paper job files and record it electronically in Dataforma to sell additional work to the same customers in the future.  This will also provide better customer service on the phone by quickly retrieving completed project and customer details while on the phone with your customers!

For completed Residential Roof Replacement projects, it may only need to include the following information:

  • Homeowner Contact and Building information
  • Original Contract Amount and Total Revised Contract Amount
  • Type of Roof System Installed, plus size in S.F. or Squares (Installations and Installed Products)
  • Warranties Issued (Manufacturer and Workmanship Warranties)
  • Who installed the roof (Foreman or Subcontractor)

Why?  Now the residential customer is in the database and will receive future targeting marketing to homeowner customers for more work (Gutter, windows, siding, etc).  Also, you can use this project as a reference if needed.  When you search for expiring workmanship warranties, the customer will be included to possibly sell them on continued preventative maintenance.

How many times has your staff asked this question, does anyone remember the last 3 or 4 metal roofing projects we installed within a specific geographical region?  Find it instantly with a quick search in Dataforma and export the results to a professional looking reference template to provide to your potential customers.


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