Tips on Doing Roof Inspections with Dataforma

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Unlocking the full potential of your roof inspections is now easier than ever with Dataforma’s Work Order module. Designed to streamline and enhance the inspection process for roofing companies, this comprehensive tool offers myriad benefits tailored to meet the unique needs of roofing professionals everywhere.

Manage Your Data Effortlessly

Dataforma seamlessly integrates with your existing database, ensuring that all relevant company, contact, and building information is readily accessible during inspection. Even if specific details are missing, Dataforma simplifies data entry, allowing you to populate your database for future reference quickly.

Tailor Your Inspection Checklist For More Precise Information

Each roof inspection is unique, which is why Dataforma empowers you to customize Work Order Checklists to match the specific requirements of each inspection job. Whether it’s a comprehensive 18-point checklist for asphalt shingle roofs or a specialized checklist for unique roofing materials, Dataforma easily adapts to your needs.

Document Visual Findings To Enhance Reports

Visual evidence is crucial for thorough inspections, and Dataforma makes it easy to attach digital photos directly to checklist items. This seamless integration allows inspectors to capture and document critical details on-site, enriching inspection reports with clear and compelling visuals.

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Integrate With Your Reports

Elevate the quality of your inspection reports with Dataforma’s Library feature, which provides access to a wealth of professional language and detailed comments to easily integrate into your reporting. By incorporating pre-written content into your reports, you can ensure consistency and professionalism across all inspections.

Mobile Accessibility

Stay productive wherever you are with Dataforma’s upcoming App 3.0 release. This mobile application enables users to complete Work Order checklists directly from their smartphones or tablets, including the ability to attach digital photos with ease. With App 3.0, inspectors can conduct inspections on-site without being tethered to a desktop computer.

Customizable Templates

Dataforma understands that every roofing company has unique needs and preferences. That’s why we offer customizable inspection templates that can be tailored to your company’s specifications. Partnering with Dataforma allows you to create custom templates that reflect your brand identity and streamline your inspection process.

Efficient Inspection Scheduling

Plan with Dataforma’s scheduling capabilities, which allow you to schedule roof inspections far into the future. Whether managing multi-year contracts or simply planning routine maintenance, Dataforma ensures every inspection is noticed and remembered.

Streamline Your Billing Process

Simplify your billing process with Dataforma’s external financial responsibility designation for billable inspections. By categorizing roof inspections as ‘External’, Dataforma automates the invoicing process, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients.

Keep More Comprehensive Records

Dataforma’s internal financial responsibility designation ensures that non-billable roof inspections are meticulously documented and tracked. While these inspections may not require invoicing, Dataforma maintains a comprehensive record of each inspection, providing valuable insights for future maintenance and planning.

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes and embrace the efficiency of Dataforma. You’ll save valuable time and resources by transitioning from manual inspections in Word to Dataforma’s streamlined system. With custom templates and automated processes, Dataforma empowers you to achieve consistency and accuracy in your on-site inspections and reports.

Schedule A Demo With Dataforma

Experience the power of Dataforma’s Work Order module and revolutionize your roof inspections today. From seamless data management to customizable templates and mobile accessibility, Dataforma provides everything you need to conduct thorough, efficient, and professional inspections with confidence.


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