How to Accelerate ROI With Dataforma

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To succeed in today’s competitive construction environment, field service organizations need to accelerate their ROI more than ever by going digital.

Implementing effective strategies and methods can be challenging due to the changing nature of the workforce and the varying demands of their customers.

In this article, we’ll discuss the key lessons learned from our expertise in the construction industry, which focuses on accelerating ROI for businesses of all sizes.

We’ll also talk about the various challenges that field service organizations face when implementing effective strategies and methods and how our field service software can help them successfully overcome these obstacles.

Dataforma ROI in Field Service Management

5 Key Ways that Field Service Management Software Can Grow ROI

Field service management software is critical to digital transformation and industry growth.

By investing in the right system, construction businesses can reap numerous benefits, including accelerated ROI.

Let’s dive into how Dataforma’s roofing software can help you:

#1 Fast Track Your Onboarding Process

While quickly onboarding new field and office employees is integral to meeting increased customer demand, construction businesses often need help to get their new hires up to speed with the rest of the team.

Tasks like manually organizing service tickets, updating or getting access to data, tracking a work order or roofing leads, etc., are cumbersome and time-consuming for all your staff members.

Investing in field service software like Dataforma enables construction businesses to get new employees up to speed faster by minimizing or, in some cases, completely eliminating costly and time-consuming menial processes that don’t add value to the organization or the bottom line.  This means you can provide a fast, fair, and streamlined process for managing your contracting businesses’ daily operations that are easy to teach and learn. Additionally, you can realize the ROI for new hires sooner by reducing the time needed to merge them into the fast lane with the rest of the team, allowing you to focus on your core business and your customers.

By efficiently onboarding and training technicians and office staff, you can rapidly increase the number of production & service opportunities you can take on & successfully complete, ultimately driving increased ROI.

#2 Improves the Customer Experience

Despite the importance of a highly engaged and skilled workforce, customer experience is critical to a business’s ability to scale and grow operations. The company’s efficiency and user experience can help it achieve a job well done and earn a satisfied customer.

And one of the most important factors customers will consider when retaining a business’s services is how easy they are to work with. Dataforma’s Core CRM program can help you quickly access and manage your customers’ service history, provide helpful recommendations based on the data, track & manage warranties, and provide levels of access for your customers to see and review their buildings’ service history & request service through the portal.

This access offers your customers unmatched levels of transparency, which helps reinforce trust and build value. 

As a professional account manager, this will help you make more informed decisions that are in your customer’s best interest and improve your workforce efficiency before starting any project while also building a solid relationship with your customers at the same time.

By efficiently onboarding and training technicians and office staff, you can rapidly increase the number of production & service opportunities you can take on & successfully complete, ultimately driving increased ROI.

#3 Boosts Operational Efficiency

Companies find it very difficult to handle reams of paperwork, which tends to get misplaced easily. The first thing any field service management software does is eliminate paper use.

Our Service Management helps digitally store important information in one place while keeping the data secure. It is easily accessible and organized so the staff can find the required information without any hassle. It also facilitates the billing and payment collection process — even the customer’s signature on the receipt of a completed project or work order is taken in digital form.

It also contains all the data related to an assigned work order and the ability for that field technician to review the complete past work order history of that customer’s service location. The idea is to help technicians to serve your customers better.

What’s more, with our Mobile App and GPS Tracker integrations, everyone can instantly communicate with each other and get and share all the information they need from any device and from anywhere they are. This real-time tracking helps in time management as the manager can allot tasks to the employees according to their job status, which clients can access on the software’s online portal.

Scheduling and dispatching assignments also become very easy for managers, as tasks can be assigned in seconds, and the field staff can receive automatic notifications. This improved coordination between the field team and the office staff allows work orders to get dispatched, scheduled, and completed quickly, allowing the company to take on new assignments more efficiently, allowing sales growth, and increasing staff productivity.

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#4 Reduces Employee Costs

Managing field techs, scheduling service, dispatching qualified technicians, facing project management challenges daily, and proactively communicating with customers can be expensive and resource-intensive.

With our work order software, construction companies can reduce staffing costs while improving customer satisfaction by effortlessly scheduling, dispatching, reviewing/closing out projects & work orders, and status reporting. In addition, you can finally eliminate paper invoices (and, frankly, any paperwork) and remove the need to rekey work order information.

Dataforma’s Customer Portal empowers your customers to request service, approve quotes (including change orders), and review their past work order history (including invoices) from any device in our Mobile App. This reduces the inbound call volume to your office, lessens the time spent communicating with customers, and creates a stronger, more transparent customer relationship.

With the help of these powerful features, construction businesses can lower their costs and improve their service offering by reducing the number of staff members needed to manage their various tasks — while also improving their response time and delivering results faster.

#5 Identify Service Opportunities

All customers want to be treated as unique and crave that personalized service experience. They have problems that they want you to solve, and they want to be listened to & heard. Customers want a proactive service partner that is attentive to their needs and in the driver’s seat with them.|

One great feature that any reputable field service software provider has is objective data on the service history of their customers. There is a treasure trove of great data points that can assist your customers at a higher level and show them that you genuinely care about them and their needs.

For example, if you’re a commercial roofing contractor with a dedicated service department, you can see how often you’ve serviced a customer’s location in the last year for leaks. Were these leaks caused by accidental punctures made by other trades (i.e., HVAC) on the roof, general wear & tear on the roof, or something else? What if you noticed that you serviced one building location 16 times last year for roof leaks? What does that say to you? Obviously, there’s something really wrong with their roof, so does the roof need significant repairs or does it need to be replaced? Proactively as a top-quality service provider, it shouldn’t take 16 leak service requests over a 12-month period to spring into action; this is the power of roofing software such as Dataforma.

The ability to provide well-founded recommendations to a customer based on objective data in a professional & proactive manner is a powerful thing.

In addition, as much as you can see which customers you’ve serviced a lot over the last year you can also see which customers haven’t contacted you in a while (i.e. 90+ days or more). Maybe you’ve done such a great job that their roof is performing at its best or perhaps they haven’t been happy with the quality of service you provide… either way, you’d rather know.

Having these data sets at your fingertips is much easier than rummaging through a bunch of filing cabinets to find this information… would you agree?

Dataforma ROI in Field Service Management

There’s no doubt that organizations need an integrated and intuitive field service software solution that delivers operational efficiencies and digital transformation capabilities to succeed.

Dataforma can help businesses manage the complexity of a workforce composed of multiple field service teams and services. You can rely on delivering high-quality service, providing a remarkable customer experience, and cutting costs while increasing profitability.

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