Field Service Software Best Practices

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Field service management software is designed to combine all of daily field service activities on a single platform that improves operational efficiencies and communication between the field and office staff. This includes scheduling & dispatching service requests, tracking employee work hours & materials, work order statuses,, billing for completed jobs, and creating systematic follow ups & next steps based on the end results.

Dataforma’s roofing software goes even further, comprising all aspects of successfully and efficiently managing a service department using an all-in-one digital platform.
From assigning & tracking all roofing leads, dispatching & scheduling service crews,, quickly responding to emergency service requests,, and seamlessly importing real-time data from the field using the mobile app. You’ll find everything your roofing company needs to increase productivity and profitability in one single easy-to-learn and easy-to-use digital platform that will also delight your customers and your service team.

Not only that but by using an all-in-one work order software, there’s no need for anyone to waste time chasing paperwork. Everything will be in the right place, in real time, for your team to easily access.

5 Field Service Management Software Best Practices

#1 Become Mobile-First

If your roofing business still relies on manual processes and disconnected apps to manage your service department, step one is to go all-digital.

Field service businesses have traditionally worked outside the office and has expanded to include a variety of roles, such as independent or subcontractors, frontline workers, home healthcare providers, salespeople, and more.

With so many different roles, responsibilities, schedules, skill sets, and locations, it can be incredibly challenging for any field service organization to keep tabs on how their workforce is running.

This is exponentially more difficult if your field and office teams don’t have access to the right tools to operate asynchronously in real-time with the most up to date information available throughout the day, which can lead to lost efficiency and opportunity cost of wasting valuable time that could have been better spent on higher-value tasks.

Roofing businesses can’t be effective enough if their team doesn’t have instant access to customer information, work order history, up-to-date schedules, proposals, warranty information, and AR & billing data.

Nowadays, field service businesses understand the importance of putting the power of communication and information in the hands of their field teams.

With Dataforma’s Mobile App, businesses can increase worker preparedness, productivity, safety, and efficiency — by providing everything they need in one centralized, secure app, so they always know what to expect when they arrive at a job site. And if something out of the ordinary occurs, foreman & mechanics can easily and seamlessly track down relevant information or reach out to a colleague for assistance.

This also helps streamline overall field service and office operations. Team members can access their schedules, update customers with accurate arrival times, and even collect and share data in real-time from any device without spending extra time on administrative tasks or chasing paperwork.

When day-to-day processes run smoothly, the frustrations typically associated with field service work decrease, and employee & customer satisfaction increases. All workers are empowered to do their best work and focus on what’s more important: delighting customers at every interaction.

#2 Capture Real-Time Data

Collecting accurate and up-to-date information is crucial to any successful field service organization. Antiquated manual entry methods, such as paper tickets, require a massive amount of time and effort to capture the information for tracking work order history, follow ups, and invoicing. . Documenting all this new information takes time that could be better spent serving customers.

Dataforma’s roof management software reduces paper waste and helps to avoid errors, increases safety and security, and improves employee and customer satisfaction, all at the same time.

Our Service Management with GPS Tracker lets your field crew quickly capture every necessary detail with their mobile devices (even capturing customers’ signatures) and automatically sync that information back to the central database.

When all that data is stored in a cloud-based platform, nothing falls through the cracks. Everyone can maintain their productivity without sacrificing the data that’s so valuable to the success of the operation.

Workers in the field can always have access to real-time customer and job information regardless of where they are. And your operations team has full visibility into your workforce.

#3 Enable Streamlined Communication

Communication is essential in any business, but this is particularly true for companies with a mobile workforce.

When employees are spread across multiple locations (and multiple time zones), the ability to communicate clearly and effectively can make or break any operation. Without the proper communication tools, employees become frustrated, key details get lost in translation, and customer experience deteriorates.

While issues in the field are bound to pop up occasionally, streamlined communication tools ensure that field workers can quickly get what they need to alleviate problems as they occur. It also ensures that all team members, even customers, can quickly and easily get what they seek — making your workforce operations more efficient and establishing your team as a trustworthy, reliable partner in your customers’ eyes.

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#4 Optimize Scheduling and Dispatching

Although scheduling and dispatching are critical parts of any field service organization, many businesses need help to get it right.

Manual methods lead to higher administrative costs, miscommunications, and worker under (or over) utilization. Staff schedulers spend vast amounts of time tracking down the right worker for the right job, and mobile employees face unstable, inflexible schedules that don’t consider real-life exceptions.

Implementing a robust scheduling and dispatching process can undoubtedly improve customer experience, employee satisfaction, operations, and business profitability.

With Dataforma, you can boost your operational efficiency by creating effective schedules that place the right professional at the right place and at the right time.

Our field service software’s scheduling capabilities goes far beyond identifying worker availability: it offers the flexibility, visibility, and communication your team needs to thrive. You can also automate the scheduling and dispatching process, set alerts, schedule updates, messages, and customer information.

#5 Prioritize Customer Service

We all know that customers expect exceptional service that prioritizes their needs.

Since 47% of customers say they’ll stop buying from a company if they have a less-than-ideal experience, it’s no wonder why 72% of field service organizations are always focused on improving their approach to customer satisfaction.

To continuously meet your customer’s expectations, you need to optimize your workforce to deliver the highest quality of service.

Our Core CRM is more than just a paperless service operations platform that streamlines invoicing. It also lets you track all your customer’s data in real-time. So when anyone needs to know something related to an ongoing or past project(s) or work order(s) the information is instantly available.

You should not have to make your customers wait on hold because you don’t have the requested information readily available and you need to go the extra step by checking with the technicians. Offer direct communication and solutions with access to real-time data & updates directly from the field.
Also, when you centralize all of the data, your customers can access the information by using Dataforma’s Customer Portal to approve additional work, review past work performed, and submit new service requests. This reduces call volume, hold times, and allows your customers to take initiative in getting the information & service they need. Everybody wins!

Conclusion + CTA

From managing assets to scheduling and dispatching field staff, managing your workflows efficiently is the key to keeping customers happy and growing your business.

Now that you understand some field service management best practices and how they can help your business grow, it’s time for you to streamline your field service management with the top field software management built by contractors: Dataforma. GET A FREE DEMO TODAY!


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